06. 10. 2009

As the last release candidate has proven it's stability it is now our official release.
Hope you'll enjoy it.
In other news: We have released a port of Kamyran's Eye 1 to the android mobile OS to the android market. Give it a try if you have an android phone.

31. 07. 2009

A beta version of the MacOS port is now available.

30. 07. 2009

another bugfix release candidate

25. 07. 2009

One more bugfix release candidate has been uploaded.

22. 07. 2009

'cheat codes don't work' ... what kind of error report is that ?
anyway, the new version fixes that.

22. 07. 2009

Another release candidate has been made available.

16. 07. 2009

A new release candidate has been uploaded.
The download links already link to the new version.
Let us know if anything doesn't work as expected.

08. 07. 2009

A release candidate of the new free and unrestricted version of Kamyran's Eye 2 is now available for download.
An official release will follow after this has seen a few more days of testing.

04. 07. 2009

To make it easier to stay uptodate with Kamyran's Eye 2 news we now provide a RSS feed.

04. 07. 2009

With our publisher Manifesto Games going down, we are making Kamyran's Eye 2 freeware. An unrestricted version of the game will be online soon.