Online Manual

Start the game by selecting Kamyran's Eye 2 in your start menu.


The start screen options are:


  • Quickstart (skips choices and throws you into the game right away)
  • New Game (choose a character class, difficulty and avatar)
  • View Intro
  • Load Game (load autosave or a manually saved game)
  • Options (toggle fullscreen/audio, choose highscore name and league)
  • Credits
  • Quit



Menu Buttons

Map shows map (shortcuts: m, F2)

Questlog shows you questlog and talents (shortcuts: t, F3)

Recipes Potions recipe book (shortcuts: p, F4)

Inventory inventory (shortcuts: i, F5)

System game menu (shortcuts: ESC, F6) - access the following functions: Resume, Options, Help, Save, Load, Exit

Level shows your level

Health shows your current and maximum health points

Gold shows the amount of gold you have

Action Buttons

Compass shows you a list of places you know - select one and the compass will show you the right direction (shortcut: F7)

Weapon shows the wielded weapon - click to attack (when using shortrange weapons or bare hands enemies have to be right next to you) shortcut: SPACE

Target choose target when using long-range weapons or magic spells (shortcut: TAB)

Rest wait/rest (shortcut: RETURN/5 num pad)

Search search (shortcut: CONTROL)

Sneak toggle walk/sneak (shortcut: SHIFT)

Spell Buttons

Spell Button You can allocate magic scrolls on this 6 slots to memorize them - this allows you to use them.

Environment Buttons

Environment Button These buttons show items laying on the ground. Click the button or press . to pick up. You can press , to directly wield or wear an item laying on the floor.

Effect Row

Effect Row Button These buttons show effects that work on you or were cast on you, like spells, potions or regeneration through food.



To move your charakter, press the arrow keys or num keys or click with the mouse on the game screen.
To enter a portal or cave, walk right onto it.
To toggle sneaking, click the sneak button or press shift. As long as you sneak, you will see the sneak symbol on the effect row.


To enter your inventory, click the inventory button or press i.
The left part of the screen shows your equipment and inventory, the right part shows the ground or, when talking to merchants, their inventory.


You have 4 slots to equip your character with armour and a weapon, 6 slots for magic scrolls and one slot which triggers using the item.


To wear or wield an item from your inventory, click onto it and then on the corresponding equipment slot or just doubleclick - if you use keyboard only, choose and select the item or slot with the arrow keys and return.


To equip a scoll from your inventory, click onto it and then on the corresponding scroll slot or doubleclick it - if you use keyboard only, select the scroll with arrow keys and return, then the slot with arrow keys and return.
Each scroll can be equiped to only one special scroll slot, but as there exist more scrolls than slots, you might have to decide on what scroll you want to choose, depending on your game strategy.
Of course you can unequip a scroll and choose another one, but it will take some time, until the new spell will tap its full potential.


To find out more about an item, just click on it or choose it with the arrow keys and press enter. You will then see a description of the item on the right part of the screen.
Items like food, potions, recipes or gems can be used by clicking onto them and then clicking on the USE button or by doubleclicking - or if using keyboard choose and select the item with arrow keys and return and then choose and select the USE button with arrow keys and return.
While food helps you to regenerate, potions can have different kinds of effects, like healing, protecion, strength, alertness...
Gems can be used to recharge your magic spells.
Recipes can be added to your recipe book, which allows you to produce potions, if you have the necessary ingredients.
If you want to drop an item, select it in your inventory by mouseclick or arrow keys/return, then select a free slot on the ground, on the right part of the inventory screen.
If you want to pick up an item laying on the floor, you can just walk onto it. The item will appear in the environment button. You can pick it up by clicking the button with the mouse or by pressing . If you want to straightly wield or wear the item, press ,.


To talk to people, move towards them. Choose your questions or answers by clicking onto them or by choosing and selecting them with arrow keys and return. Be aware that your questions and answers may have effect on the game progress.

If you talk to a merchant, you will automatically enter your inventory and see the merchant's inventory on the right part of the screen. To sell an item, click onto it and click then on an empty slot in the merchants inventory - you can also sell via keyboard by choosing and selecting an item with arrow keys and return and then selecting an empty slot in the merchants inventory.
Buying an item works just the other way around: select the item in the merchants inventory and then select an empty slot in your inventory.


To attack enemies with a short range weapon, move towards them.
If you have a long-range weapon or want to cast a spell on them, select the enemy with rightclick. To cycle through enemies click the target button or press tab.
Don't hesitate to use potions to improve your combat effectiveness.


You cast spells by assigning scrolls to slots, recharging the slots with gems and activating the spell by pressing it's button or the corresponding shortcut (1-6).
Scrolls only work on a specific slot and most gems only recharge a specific slot.
There is some chance for fumbling when your skill is too low for a spell.

Hidden Passages

Some areas contain hidden passages that act like walls unless detected.
You can find them by using the "look/search" button.
Your chances to detect them depend on line of sight/distance and skill. Potions might improve those chances.


You will encounter hidden traps that can hurt or kill you if you step on them.
Whether you are able to see them depends on distance and your stealth skill. If you stand next to them you can target them by right-clicking or using the cycle-target button. You can then disarm them by attacking (via SPACE or the attack button).


The Questlog shows you tasks and hints given to you. It will also show you finished tasks.


Your character's progress is measured in levels. Your starting level depends on the difficulty level chosen. The maximum level is 50.
You can gain levels by exploring, defeating enemies, finding traps, mixing potions,...
There is a limited number of levels to be gained from a certain type of obstacle however.
For example you can not gain more than a couple of levels from defeating goblins over and over.
To advance him- or herself your character has to face a broad range of challenges. Every level grants you a certain number of skillpoints. Per default those are distributed randomly across the skills. You can however set three concentration priorities - future levels will favor those skills.
The skills are as follows:

Melee: This measures your skill in close combat.
Ranged: This measures your skill in ranged combat.
Endurance: Learn to deal with pain, wounds and exhaustion. Every point increases your maximum health points by 8.
Stealth: Measures your skill in sneaking past enemies, discovering traps,...
Magic: Increases the efficiency of your spells.


There are many powerful magical potions available.
Besides buying or finding them you can also create them yourself. To do that you need a recipe and various ingredients.
You can add a recipe from your inventory to the recipebook.
If you have all the necessary ingredients the button for the potion will be green - red if you lack some ingredient.
You can mix the potion simply by clicking the respective line. Plant symbols on the overview map help you keep track of sites where you found herbs:
Ingredient Symbol


If you die you have the option to view your score.
The main factors are level, difficulty and number of survivors. If you have an active internet connection that allows http access to our highscore server at, you can also submit to our online highscore list. You can enter a nickname and an optional league number.
The league number is a means to use a more private list with friends by agreeing on a random number.
There is also a internet neighbourhood list which shows scores of people with an internet address somewhat close to yours. That can result in a nice secondary area of competition.